Solution builders for a global market

We are looking for talented professionals passionate about their expertise!

End-to-end technology solutions

Delivering solutions from start to finish. Beginning with a strategy, building solutions in cutting edge technologies and offering maintenance and support.​

Worldwide client base​

Long-term cooperation and relationships brought us where we are today. We can brag with clients such as Burger King, iRobot, NASA, Pioneer and much more.

250+ employees​

​ We grow fast. Innovation, excellence and collaboration are our main values that drive us forward in a culture based on what’s next.

Unique Capabilities

From building software with cutting-edge technologies to cloud computing, data analysis and machine learning - our team of experts provides unique technical and data capabilities to deliver world-class business solutions.

3 offices​

Remote work, hybrid or work from office – your choice.​ Our offices are located in the US (Frisco/Dallas and Austin) and EU (Rijeka, Croatia).


Certificated experts in Amazon Web Services, IBM and Microsoft tools that bring impact and value.​

What we do?

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Office life

Working @ IOLAP

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Balance Your Life​

We make sure to provide flexible work arrangements so you can lead a happy, fulfilled and healthy life at work and beyond.​ You can choose between a remote or hybrid work location and we offer flexible working hours to manage your private events.

Customized Benefit Package​

“Not everyone fits the mold.” ​ With extensive benefits options, you can choose the perfect benefits combination that is most valuable to your lifestyle.​ Kindergarten, parking, health checkup, Multisport card and other – tailor made for your needs.​ ​ ​

Newest Tech Stack​

With a wide range of clients and projects we work on - we specialized in a variety of tech stack too. Join and develop your skills with us.​ Most common ones are Python, Node.JS, React, AWS, Azure​. Check out our tech stack.

Personal and Professional Growth & Development ​

Educational budget, access to internal and external knowledge sources and also mentorship for all seniorities.​ Defined career paths, regular reviews and rewards according to accomplishments.​ Your success is our success!​

Brilliant Teammates & Relaxed Atmosphere

Relaxed culture with experts ready to collaborate and help in every situation​ Whether it is help on your new project or missing 1 player in boardgames – count on us!​ Love to have fun and hangout in and out of working hours.​ ​

Global Clients and Impact​

Want to work with iRobot, Burger King, American Airlines and similar global companies with big impact? Join us!​ Plenty of clients means opportunity to try different technologies, projects and roles.​ If the project you are on is just not working for you, we’ll provide a fresh new opportunity.

Working at iOLAP

Nera Majer-Šegulja

Nera Majer-Šegulja

Senior Engineer, Managed Services

“I am proud of being a part of iOLAP for 8 years now. As the company grew so did I in all aspects of life and work. From a student to a senior developer and a dedicated mom. iOLAP provided me with the perfect life work balance and has inspired me to aim higher and think bigger.​”

Paul Tran​

Paul Tran​

Principal Consultant

“iOLAP is a great place to work. We get to deliver enterprise-level solutions but still have that small company feel. Senior leaderships are open to suggestions, and change happens quickly. Colleagues are fantastic, always willing to help and share knowledge when needed with a positive attitude. I love being a part of a team here.​”

Hana Rizvić​

Hana Rizvić​

Senior Engineer, Data & Analytics

“In 2020 I celebrated my 5th anniversary at iOLAP. I started on the position of a junior developer and now I'm the AI & Machine Learning Team Lead. Working here offered me plenty of opportunities to develop my technical, leadership and interpersonal skills on various projects and collaborating with international colleagues. The thing I cherish the most is that my opinion was and still is taken in consideration. Looking forward to the next challenges in front!​”

Aaron Sanders​

Aaron Sanders​

Senior Consultant, Data & Analytics

“Over my 8 years at iOLAP I have had many different experiences with diverse clients in various industries from Financial to Oil and Gas to Healthcare. One of the greatest things iOLAP has done for me personally is provide sponsorships and donations to my Alzhiemer's fundraising organization BvB Dallas! iOLAP has shown over the years they are interested in helping us grow on and off the clock!​”

Diana Bokulić

Diana Bokulić

Senior Engineer, Data & Analytics

“I’ve always had this feeling that I can speak up and communicate openly with everyone – from managers to my team members. There are open doors for you if you have any problem or something you would like to talk about. They really support feedback culture. Whenever I have a private situation or a problem, everyone is supportive – they offer help and give time. Family and health are always priorities.”

Marko Zagar

Marko Zagar

Associate Engineer, Data & Analytics

“I like working at iOLAP. I prefer working remotely, and iOLAP completely supports that way of working. Work-life balance is great – I can finish my job till 5 p.m. (straight) and enjoy my free time. Also, the compensation package for juniors is satisfying.”

Jelena Janjić

Jelena Janjić

Associate Engineer, Data & Analytics

“I like the flexibility – you can work from home, no need to think about the transport, traffic jam, clothes you are wearing, etc. and work don’t suffer – we are always delivering quality products within a defined deadline.”

Lorena Mrsić

Lorena Mrsić

Engineer, App Design & Development

“I like people and atmosphere at iOLAP. Everyone is supportive, willing to help, kind and open. Social events like team-buildings or smaller parties organized by iOLAP are fun and would like to have more of them. Also, remote work option is a big plus.”


Life @ iOLAP

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Where we are

iOLAP Frisco

2600 Network Blvd, Frisco, TX 75034, USA

iOLAP Austin

501 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701, USA

iOLAP Rijeka

pro. Marije K. Kozulić, 51000, Rijeka, Croatia